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I save $75 a month on just 1 prescription I get with your plan. It would be super tough to afford if I didn’t have this card. Gloria S. Tampa Bay, FL
I use a specialized cosmetic face cream that is not covered by my insurance. I couldn’t believe it when I slipped the pharmacist this card and $65 was taken off the normal price. Thank you! Sandra B. St. Paul, MN
I signed up my grandma for this card and gave it to her as a birthday gift. Ya pretty cheap on my part I know but now she will not stop thanking me for it. She loves it and uses it every week. Corey F. Arlington Heights, IL
I got the card a couple weeks ago but had no prescription to fill and was eager to see if it really worked. The other day my allergies kicked in right on time and to my surprise I was able to use the card on my normal allergy medicine and saved $25 off the normal price. I’m excited to see what other discounts I will get on other medicines. Carl D. Peoria, IL
I’m using this card like clockwork now but I really could have used it a year ago after my motorcycle accident. Recovery took FOREVER and I had to pull money out of my 401k to pay for some of the meds. Seeing the savings I’m getting now on my normal prescriptions, I can’t imagine what I would have saved on the surgery meds. Mike F. Nashville, TN
Thankfully I don’t have to use this card a lot but I’m always excited to see how much money I will save when I do! Andrea T. Foxborough, MA
I’ve been using this card for 6 months now and have told just about everyone I know about it. Sam G. New Orleans, LA